Hull's 'Inner Sanctum'
Where death prevails
48% of Hull's ghosts are seen in the day and are often overlooked as misconceptions of the eye. Yet the other 52% are known as the mischievious, rude and down right disgusting energies many have to deal with. So don't for one minute day or night think you're on your own!

Murderers & Vagabonds - Hulls Inners Sanctum

This walk meanders gently through the inner sanctum. When we say meanders, we really mean twists, turns and throws up a few unusual alleys. The dreadful sight of a skulled woman is heard, you're also touched by a blind ghost. The most recent sightings involved catholic exorcism with some very blood curdling screams in the building. Each road brings a new surprise and a new revelation about the workings of a closely knit community willing to do anything to hide its own murderers and vagabonds!

Hull as a modern city has not lost it's past ghetto's, where in older times many gangs toured the streets looking for favours brandishing thier own laws.

1 in 3 of us die in such agony you can't imagine it. But it was a crowd thriller years ago!

// check the history of witches and murderers of the past

The Inner Sanctum soon had a law of it's own as Hull's streets became soiled and dirty, laden with many a thief and murderer for your company. Public houses could be found every 100 yards or so, became dens of crime and sordid events. This walk will take you through the tougher times of death which became so common it was not unusual to be stepping over bodies in the streets.

The towns folk became victims of the many plagues, killing 1 in 3 in such tight quarters that the disease spread faster than lightening. In one area you'll quite literally be walking knee deep in graves, meet a murderer head on and meet the screaming lady of the night.

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