Hull's 'Victoria Docks'
Myth and legends are born
Be aware that walking amongst these docks can reveal many spirits, deaths and diseases from a range of ghostly types. These are the ghosts that do not take no for an answer and never give up their places for anyone. Made up of thieves, children, wronged men and vengeful women you walk some deadly paths.

Rogues & Criminals - Hulls Victoria Docks

A walk hat brings you face to face with multiple energies form foreign lands and foriegn communities. The streets though open were once a triving community of men and children, all of whom had other motives. You will not be welcome to meet at some places.

Seen through the your eyes, these well-to-do streets of an expanding Hull and the shady spaces of the docks became stages for the haunting presences that today unravel the world around you. Among buildings and open spaces – is a figure that becomes a totem of dark desires..

2 in 3 of us can not imagine life before. But the 1 will feel every emotion, you should therefore worry.

// check the history of tortures and hangings of the past

Travel back in time with the Victoria Docklands' and you will see how days of human sacrifice was. The immersive nature of the area gives you a chance to come face-to-face with the grumpy Scrooge characters and Ripper suspects alike.

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