Halloween 'Guildhall Ghostwalk'
The UNNATURAL Guildhall Ghosts
With your EXORCIST guide

'Once upon an evil time...."

The 'UNNATURAL' Guildhall Ghostwalk - Walk where death has been, quite literally!

halloween witch hull ghost walks There are those who believe in ghosts, and those who adamantly don’t. But when one joins you as you walk it is all together another matter

These will get you involved, Ralph makes you try out your own abilities....at your peril!. When a ghost approaches, See what it has to offer. The hauntings starts immeadiatly, a cold hand, a shiver or they simply come 'ALIVE'.

YOU WILL JOIN IN! Like it or not, as the past comes to life around you as some ghosts taunt you.

Enjoy the Ghostly energies and really experience the UNDEAD as many of Hulls Most Haunting memories and terrifyng characters join you!

VERY UNNATURAL Guildhall Ghostwalk

THIS IS A UNIQUE GHOSTWALK - NEVER BEFORE SEEN PARTS REVEALED IN THE GUILDHALL - DEATH AWAITS YOU. When it comes to ghost town walks – whether or not you are happen to be “haunted” – there is something about the HULL'S GUILDHALL that is inherently 'real' in terms of ghosts!
Go on a dark tour of the Guildhall (One of the scarier buildings still used in Hull) and move around its inner depths. Meet the foul murderers, uncool hangmen, filthy women vagabonds, thieves, the most ghastly of women, and some particularly 'live' spectres around you.

As specters of the past, The Guildhall's ghosts invite us into a different time all together. They will drag you into another generation, with all your the hopes, fears, loves and tragedies being experienced inside these fearful walls of its real court rooms, underground tunnels, jails and hangings- Kingston upon Hull.

The remaining ghosts are monuments to impermanence and haunting reminders of our own mortality, with over a 1 000 sightings and 100's of ghostly touches, Hull manages to be one of the UK's Most Haunted Cities.

We are looking to grow this Annual 'FestEvil' for one of the spookiest times in hull's calendar.

We are always looking for ideas, sponsors, volounters and actors to join us.

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Join us for a Scare filled night were the Ghosts meet you!

Individual, group, corporate
We will take you on a 'live' scarey tour.
As history quite literally comes alive!!!
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