The Village Church Farm.
Takes your spirit away!

'Children's souls . . . . "

'The Village Church Farm
Hours of close up interaction

halloween witch hull ghost walks The Village Church Farm museum in Skegness has been the hive of paranormal activity for quite some years. With stories of the dreaded doll in the mud and stud cottage that refuses to leave. Dark shadows of men in the parlour making their presence known by tapping and banging. A maid in her quarters telling you to ‘GET OUT!’.

There will be tea, coffee and light snacks available at the café in the venue. For a minimal cost…all proceeds of that go to The Village Church farm charity fund and help with the running costs of the museum.

Join us at Ghostwalks Hull Paranormal as we spend the night at the museum. Use our equipment and become part of a real life paranormal investigation. We’ll do séances and vigils in the old buildings and as an added extra we will have TV Medium and Exorcist Ralph Keeton on hand to help.

Enjoy the outrageous 'Live' shows, and experience the UNDEAD as many of Hulls Most Haunting memories and terrifyng characters join you!

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