We like a character or two

Every bad town has one!
The ever faithfull 'thief'. She is never far away and will take you in whenever she can.
Details of 'The Docklands'

A strange little girl.
Indeed for she sees you without her eyes, silent ad deadly to touch.
Details of 'The Old Town'

He knows when you're bad or good.
Not Santa but the bogeyman is coming to get you...
Details of 'The Inner Sanctum'

This young lady will make her point!
But becareful she's particular with whom she deals.
Details of 'The Old Town'

Hull was once quiet. Well for a day or so!
Dolly is certainly entertaining and for all the wrong reasons.
Details of 'An Inner Sanctum walk'

Silence isn't golden here.
This is no heavenly body floating towards you.....run!
Details of 'Docklands walk'

This lady is sweet and innocent...NOT!
She will hound you, taunt you and then attack you. Don't turn your back on her.
Details 'The Murderers & Vagabonds walk'

Cuddled to death as they say.
It's no accident this lady comes to see you.
Details of 'The Xmas Unmerry walk'

Nothing deadlier than a woman scorned.
You'll be surprised how friendly this Nun is.
Detals of the 'The Pernicious & Pestilence Old Town'

There's always an upper class lady about
The only things is you cant take your eyes off her.

A witch on a path of vengance.
For over 700 years actually, thats one hell of a spell!
Details of 'The Old Town Walk'

Kindness often kills.
You could say you have to be kind to be cruel.....
Details of 'The Inner Sanctum'