We like a character or two

Every bad town has one!
The ever faithfull 'Hangman' who never missed a job in his life. He is never far away and will rope you in whenever he can.
Details of 'The Docklands'

A very grumpy woman indeed
Don't under estimate this killer, she'll turn on you unless you give her what she wants. She will NAG you to death.
Details of 'The Old Town'

Call for the law.
In these parts you'll require a 'WATCHMAN' to guide you. Unless you're on his wrong side so beware. We warned you!
Details of 'The Inner Sanctum'

This young lady will make her point!
There's more to death than death itself. Kindness often wins even after death.
Details of 'The Old Town'

Hull was once quiet. Well for a day or so!
PIRATES hit the town and it was never the same again. You'd be surprised which PIRATE ghosts still exist.
Details of 'An Inner Sanctum walk'

Once a Kings JESTER always a JESTER.
Some say you hear his laugh before you feel his presence. It's no joke to feel him near you.
Details of 'Docklands walk'

This lady is sweet and innocent...NOT!
She will hound you, taunt you and then attack you. What ever you do dont turn your back on her.
Details of 'The Murderers and Vagabonds walk'

MISS wants to know if you been naughty or nice.
By hook or by crook she will make you learn your lessons, it's not a happy time of year for this.
Details of 'The Xmas Unmerry walk'

Quiet literally unwanted callers and goings on but with an evil twist. Who said NEIGHBOURS had to be friendly.
Detals of the 'The Pernicious & Pestilence Old Town'


We undertake to open up a real house of horrors for you this October time. The dead will rise to greet you in every room.

Aren't NANNY'S nice?
There's a NANNY who will let you go and then follow you to deaths door. Where she screams at you forever....
Details of 'The Old Town Walk'

Stay overnight or longer!
This LANDLADY loved her men to death, but they needed a full stomach to do so. She was a proud entrepreneur.
Details of 'The Inner Sanctum'